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Looking Ahead: The Assumptions Behind Tomorrow's Markets


How investors are responding to today's changing macroeconomics

The certainties that underpinned financial markets for the past decade or more are quickly unravelling. From a new monetary policy regime to worries about recession – investors are reassessing their capital assumption models. If the new theme is change, the asset management industry will need to adapt to grow. A shift in focus is necessary.

5-year Expected Returns 2023-2027: The Age of Confusion (Robeco)

Confusion is now the central factor behind many financial market moves. This is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

2022 Q3 Capital Markets Assumptions (PGIM Quantitative Solutions)

Looking ahead, the economic and financial scenarios that could prevail are varied. However, investors can hedge some of the ongoing uncertainty.

BlackRock CMAs - August 2022 (BlackRock)

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This Capital Markets Assumption document incorporates BlackRock's latest estimates of how the financial world can reach net-zero.

Global Investment Outlook – Fall 2022 (RBC GAM)

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The global economy continues to face a growing number of headwinds, with inflation remaining the chief concern for many investors around the world.

Infrastructure & Energy Outlook (S&P Global Ratings)

Energy markets are undergoing a massive transformation. This year's shock to energy prices has given policy makers a dilemma.

Investment and Economic Outlook: September 2022 (Vanguard)

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Recession seems to be less a question of if, and more of how big it will be. Data already points to an economic downturn going forward.

Strategy Outlook Q3 2022 - Hedge Funds Report (UBS Asset Management)

As central banks continue to tighten monetary policy, markets are anticipating a recession. Looking at what investors are pricing though, it may be a soft one.

Technology Trends Outlook 2022 (McKinsey & Company)

Tomorrow is created by today's new technologies. Understanding the trends underlying technology can be a useful tool in predicting what the economy may do.

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