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Investment Outlook: Feb 2022

Lead Content to Shape Your Investment Views

Which type of investor are you? Are you sticking steadfast to your expectations for the year ahead, or are you considering reallocations in the light of the obstacles the market has already had to navigate in 2022? Read on for our varied selection of content to challenge, or perhaps support, your thinking.

Inflation – central bank responses to, and investment implications of – is unsurprisingly well covered, albeit from different angles. PGIM Fixed Income for instance have a series of in-focus pieces on their hub concentrating on the global supply chain. Robeco's regular Central Bank Watcher is useful reading on expected paths for monetary policy. Elsewhere you will find a favoured mix of outlook pieces including a Special Report, and the latest updated allocation views.

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Supply Chain Strain – Content hub (PGIM Fixed Income, 2022)

This PGIM Fixed Income Content hub focuses on 'Supply Chain Strain', with individual reports delving into how shifting dynamics in the manufacturing, labour, and commodities markets may impact on inflation and investors’ fixed income allocations.

2022 Investment Outlook: The new abnormal? (Special Report, 2022)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Two years into the coronavirus pandemic, are we on a path towards normality? Inflation could be the main headwind, with central banks raising rates in response. That is discussed in this Special Report, along with the road to net zero and associated opportunities.

The Year Ahead for Loans: Strong fundamentals (M&G Investments, Feb 2022)

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M&G considers where the European loan market may be heading in 2022, following a year which was remarkable in many ways. With supportive fundamentals and technicals, loans could continue to provide reliable and sustainable returns for investors.

Investment and Economic Developments: Building on strength in 2022 (Lord Abbett)

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Lord Abbett’s investment experts from across the asset classes share their views on building on the strength of the global economic growth of the last year. Amongst other ideas they cover factors that may call into question the Federal Reserve’s planned rate rises.

Five Grey Swans that Could Disrupt Markets in 2022 (SSGA | SPDR)

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Like most others, SSGA have an outlook framework for the year ahead. Here, however, they talk about when things do not go to plan, and the importance of considering so-called ‘Grey Swan’ outcomes when protecting against downside risks.

The Relevance of Gold as a Strategic Asset (World Gold Council, 2022)

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In this updated report, the World Gold Council runs through the benefits of a gold allocation within investors’ portfolios. In an environment of high and rising inflation it has perhaps never been more relevant to consider gold’s potential strategic role.

Multi Asset Monthly: Global strategy (NN IP, Feb 2022)

This year has begun with increased volatility, particularly in equity markets, largely as the result of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s hawkish pivot. In light of this and other developments, NN IP provides their latest economic and asset class outlook.

Cross Asset Investment Strategy – February 2022 (Amundi)

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Amundi digs into their latest investment strategy, revisiting their 2022 Investment Outlook in the context of shifts in growth and inflation around the world, and the uncertainty over potential monetary policy responses from central banks.

Central Bank Watcher: Curveball (Robeco, Feb 2022)

In their latest 'Central Bank Watcher', Robeco gives a timely update on their expectations of the Fed, the ECB, the PBoC and the BoJ. The curveball in their view could be if tightening monetary policy was actually seen as harmful to growth prospects.

Allview Fixed Income – Investment Road Map 2022 (Allspring Global Investors)

There should be something for almost every fixed income investor in this thorough Investment Road Map which journeys through money markets, short duration, municipals, investment grade, high yield, European credit, and global fixed income.