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Thematic Investment: Important Trends That Shape the Market

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  • 20 Jul 2022

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Evolving Beyond Capital Allocation

Among the most important investment moves is to gain exposure to opportunities which are likely to develop into unstoppable market forces. Our selection is aimed at helping to spot trends before they become mainstream. It features papers that focus on the future of work, machine learning, private market assets, and that take a long-term view of the changes the war in Ukraine is likely to bring.

Public & Private Markets Dynamics

Private Market Assets: New Funding Stream That's Here to Stay (BNP Paribas AM)

Over the decades, private assets have become a staple in many institutional investors’ portfolios. This analysis reveals the driving forces behind the growth and appeal of this class.

Stock Market Fragility (Aegon AM, 2022)

Public equity markets differ from region to region and even within the same country. Liquidity and correlation among individual stocks are some of the key differentiating factors.

Stock Market Anomalies and Machine Learning Across the Globe (2022)

Private markets are often seen as opaque. However, public markets can also present hidden anomalies that require specialised AI tools to disclose them to investors.

The Evolution of the Workforce

The Future of Work in Investment Management: Skills and Learning (CFA Institute)

An in-depth analysis of the evolving work environment within the asset management industry, highlighting dynamics such as the gap between the demand and supply of experts.

Work From Home and the Office Real Estate Apocalypse (2022)

Working from home has implications beyond the real estate sector: it may affect how asset managers view this asset class over the long-term. Will office space become obsolete?

Alternative Data: The great resignation (Neuberger Berman, May 2022)

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The labour market is changing in more ways than the shift away from an office-based world. Asset managers also need to pay close attention to the ongoing recovery of the workforce.

A New Geopolitical Order?

Video: The Making of a New World Order (PGIM Fixed Income, June 2022)

The war between Russia and Ukraine has diverted investors' attention away from other geopolitical events. Could this be the beginning of a new world order?

Investing Questions Amid the Crisis in Ukraine (BlackRock, Jun 2022)

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The geopolitical order is being restructured by events such as the war in Ukraine. Investors need to be mindful of this volatile environment when they consider allocating capital.

Governance, Sustainability & Resilience of State-owned Investors (Global SWF)

The new era of geopolitics will come alongside a strong focus on ESG. Are state-owned investors, like sovereign wealth funds, beginning to lead the way in this regard?