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Should Allocators Worry About the Global Economy?

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  • 17 Apr 2024
  • Updated 26 Apr 2024

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Keep your fingers on the economic pulse

This year is critical for the global economy—ignore (if you can) all the ongoing geopolitical risks, all the central banks' decisions still pending, and think of only one word that has recently left a bitter aftertaste for many allocators: elections. The insights below offer investors a view on how to hedge against the upcoming volatility with timely and applicable research. Finally, make sure you check out the latest Guide to the Markets from JP Morgan AM.

Economic Outlook for Q2 2024: Adapting to High Tide (Nuveen)

Favorable economic growth trends could be countered by geopolitical escalations or an unwelcome return of broad inflationary pressures.

Global Market Strategy: Walking the Tightrope (New York Life Investments)

The past six months have proved that the U.S. economy is in much better shape than initially expected. The question now is whether this positive development can continue.

Back to the Future: A New Economic Era (Wellington Management)

This new economic era may feel daunting, but it does offer a significant potential upside for discerning investors.

Global Macro Primer (Graham Capital Management)

Global macro strategies enable allocators to navigate the changing economic environment in today's interconnected world.

China’s Economy Is Not in a Great Decline but a Great Transition (ING)

China's economy has reached an important crossroads after undergoing one of the most impressive growth miracles of modern history.

Strong U.S. Economy Has Become the Consensus (Nordea)

Strong economic growth from last year has clearly carried over into this year. For how long will this positive trend continue?

China Economic Outlook: March 2024 (BBVA)

China-U.S. confrontations have achieved some marginal improvement recently amid the high-level China-U.S. communications. What does this mean for China's economy?

Shocked to the Core: A New Model to Understand Euro Area Inflation (ECB)

The multitude of inflationary pressures that arose in the post-pandemic period created the need to expand the information set and employ models incorporating more variables.

The Nature of the Inflationary Surprise in Europe and the USA (NIESR)

The nature of the various post-Covid inflationary surprises has evolved over time, and differently in the three economies considered in this paper.


Guides to the Markets Q2 2024 (JP Morgan AM)

The Guide to the Markets offer a comprehensive array of market and economic trends and statistics through compelling charts for key economies around the world.