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The Evolution of the Global Consumer in 2023 and Beyond

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  • 11 Sep 2023


How have consumption trends changed?

The unit upon which the modern economy is built is the consumer—so how consumption trends change affects the direction of the world's economy. This selection of content focuses on the evolution of the global consumer throughout 2023, while also providing insights into future changes.

How Is Sustainability Reshuffling Consumer Goods Markets (Roland Berger)

The rules of the game are changing. Sustainability is a matter of survival. Consumer and regulatory pressure is growing on the consumer goods sector.

A Deep Dive Into Consumer Behavior and Labor Market Dynamics (Game of Trades)

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Recent data shows that consumers are still feeling the pressure in this tight monetary policy environment.

Conscious Consumption And The Food Industry (Impax Asset Management)

Studies have demonstrated links between consumption of ultra-processed foods and a range of health problems. Solving these issues can present investment opportunities.

Understanding How We Consume Reshapes Real Estate Thinking (Invesco)

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For real estate investors, historically, “consume” has been associated with retail. But no more, as it is now a broader question of the many ways in which wealth is spent.

Are Consumers Running Out Of Money? (American Century Investments)

Higher-end consumers are still flush and continue to spend. But inflation, higher borrowing rates, and other risks could cause them to cut back spending.

The Fast-growing Opportunity for Digital Commerce (Accenture)

Digital commerce has created new ways for people to buy and sell, and the number of commerce channels will continue to grow alongside the rapid evolution of the metaverse.

How Companies Can Mislead Consumers Over Eco-Friendliness (Wall Street Journal)

Consumers have been confused (or misled) by greenwashing by some parties. Who is to blame? The companies or the regulators?

Euro Area Consumer Food Price Inflation: Problematic, but Easing (Macrobond)

More fundamentally, analysis of several key gauges of pipeline food prices is now clearly pointing to a prospective further easing of final consumer inflation pressures.

Consumer Trends In 2023: Consumer Health And Sustainable Consumption (Robeco)

Two megatrends which were predicted to shape 2023 from a consumer perspective were sustainability and health consumption.