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Featured Investment Papers: October 2021

 Featured Content from Leading Asset Managers

Savvy Investor presents a selection of featured content from top asset managers for October 2021.

The following list includes several papers on stock selection and analysis, such as American Century Investments' study on earnings acceleration and Baillie Gifford's 'Lessons from Bessembinder' – Economist Hendrik Bessembinder is an academic from Arizona State University who defined some of the characteristics shared by public companies with outperforming stock prices. Replays of some interesting recently released webinars are also available.  

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Earnings Acceleration: Diversifying excess returns (American Century, 2021)

American Century Investments looks at earnings acceleration as a source of excess returns, using global equity data to compare an 'acceleration portfolio' with a 'deceleration portfolio'.

Lessons from Bessembinder (Baillie Gifford, 2021)

What are the characteristics that define the set of public companies whose stock price outperforms U.S. treasury bills over time? Baillie Gifford derives lessons on security selection from previous academic research.

Global Factor Investing Study (Invesco, 2021)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Invesco's 2021 Global Factor Investing Study incorporates the views of over 240 investors managing $31 trillion in assets. It contains sections on ESG implementation, factor investing in fixed income, multi-factor approaches, and post-pandemic factor allocations.

Using Volatility Expectations For Successful Option Trading (Nasdaq, 2021)

The Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index (VOLQ) measures expected volatility on the Nasdaq 100 Index (NDX). This paper helps investors to understand and utilise VOLQ to trade other NDX-tied instruments.

Is the Value Rally in Emerging Markets Sustainable? (T. Rowe Price, Aug 2021)

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T. Rowe Price evaluates the recent performance of value vs growth in emerging market equities in relation to value's outperformance from 2000-2010 and its underperformance from 2010-2020.

Boost Your ESG Scores and Preserve Your Risk-Reward Outcomes (Intech, 2021)

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Intech describes a method of optimising ESG results by evaluating both ESG and non-ESG exposures at the portfolio level.

Webinar: Building the Future – Autumn Asia (LGIM, Sep 2021)

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This LGIM webinar discusses sustainability and climate's impact on the infrastructure and property markets.

Webinar: Supply Chain Scrooge? (Columbia Threadneedle, 2021)

Columbia Threadneedle's on-demand webinar provides an expert’s view on how retailers and consumer stocks are expected to fare this Christmas holiday season, given the logistical challenges.