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The View from Above

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  • 30 Jan 2023

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Macro forces that drive markets and economies

Focusing on specific assets or strategies can sometimes prevent allocators from seeing the bigger picture. The insights below offer investors thought-provoking research on market bubbles, inflationary forces, emerging markets, digitalisation, and more. All these subjects are connected by one core purpose: they allow allocators to form a view from above our changing world, contextualising their investments.

Where We Started, Where we Are, and Where We Are Going (MetLife IM)

Emerging markets debt is an asset class that continues to attract attention from global investors seeking to extract attractive gains and to diversify their portfolios.

Inflation's One-Two Punch (Mawer IM)

What are the near- and long-term effects of inflation on economies and markets? This paper sheds some light on this issue.

Peak Inflation Arrives. Now What? (BlackRock)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United States

How will the world's economies and markets look after the current inflationary bout passes? Will monetary policy normalise?

How To Capture The Greatest Innovators In The Metaverse (Qontigo)

The Metaverse may well represent a new trillion-dollar, long-term opportunity for allocators. This paper focuses on how to capture the best innovators in the Metaverse.

Five Things to Know: Digital Digest January 2023 (State Street Corporation)

What are the stages digital assets need to go through in order for them to become standardised and therefore viewed as safer by institutional asset managers?

Emerging Trends in Infrastructure 2023 Edition (KPMG)

Infrastructure remains a core sector for the global economy. This in-depth report highlights the key trends underpinning infrastructure for the next decade.

The Recent Rise in Discount Window Borrowing (FRBNY)

The ability to access liquidity from the U.S. Federal Reserve can be the difference between going bust or not. This applies to any institution that depends on U.S. dollars.

Dot-Com Redux (Verdad)

Analysis of the history of small vs large and value vs growth stocks. What can we learn from absolute and relative valuations?