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ESG Investing: Insights and Opportunities

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  • 10 Jun 2022
  • Updated 13 Jun 2022

Green Economy

New Ways of Thinking

ESG investing remains a relatively new way of looking at allocating and building capital. However, it is essential that investors understand it in great detail as ESG may very well be the way by which our current economic model moves towards the green economy of the future. The selection of papers below offers a wide range of insights into sustainable investing, including what challenges and opportunities investors face in this space.

Investing in the Green Economy (FTSE Russell, May 2022)

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To transition the economy to a more sustainable future is not straightforward. FTSE Russell offers data for investors to navigate the transition towards a greener economy.

Is There Alpha in ESG Data for Sovereign Debt? (Man Group, May 2022)

Incorporating ESG can be a challenging aspect of capital allocation. However, sovereign bond investors have long been incorporating ESG analysis into their decisions.

Seven Growth Opportunities for Sustainable Equity Investors (NN IP, Apr 2022)

Sustainable investing is not just a fad: it is the way to allocate capital going forward. Here are seven growth opportunities for sustainable investing.

Webinar: Unpacking ESG’s impact on the client experience (SimCorp, May 2022)

Capital allocators are not the only ones from within the asset management industry who need to learn everything they can about ESG: clients also require to stay informed on the topic.

Evolution vs Revolution in Investment Data (Finbourne Technology, May 2022)

This paper discusses the necessary technological infrastructure for data collection and analysis in ESG investing, as well as for other types of operations within the firm.

Deep Energy Retrofit Costs and Real Estate (Robeco, May 2022)

The real estate sector is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Cutting down on its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions requires innovative thinking, however.

An ESG Assessment of Crypto (State Street, May 2022)

Crypto is becoming a stable of many investors' portfolios. How should capital allocators, who are mindful of the green economy, go about when investing in digital currencies?

Defining Greenwashing (2022)

Greenwashing can – and some argue that it does – cause a lot of harm to ESG investing. But how we define greenwashing is important.

The Climate Risk Tool Landscape (UNEP Finance Initiative, 2022)

Assessing climate change risk is a must for all asset managers: both from a portfolio risk perspective, as well as when considering how the firm thinks about its future operations.