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Equity Market Spotlight: Bears vs. Bulls

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  • 13 Jan 2023


What can equity investors expect going forward…

Equity investors are looking ahead with tentative optimism. Towards the end of a volatile 2022, some central banks seemed to present a more dovish tone, giving hope to equity markets that the period of tight monetary policy may soon be over. However, as some of the research below argues, this optimism should be moderated.

What Does a Stock Market Recovery Usually Look Like (Invesco)

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Are we about to see a recovery across stock markets? After the double-digit drawdowns of 2022, many investors hope so.

China Equity In 2023: Year of The Stock Picker (Wellington Management)

Chinese equities remain attractive for investors who are willing to dig deep into the fundamentals underpinning these companies and select only those with solid potential.

The Outlook for Japan Remains Finely Poised (T. Rowe Price)

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Despite how uncertain the global economy remains, Japan’s corporates continue to buy back stock and return capital to shareholders at record levels.

The S&P 900 Dividend Revenue-weighted Index Performance (S&P Dow Jones Indices)

Contending with a series of headwinds, last year was incredibly challenging for investors in equity. Certain factors though performed better than others.

2022 ROOF Portfolios Performance Review (Qontigo)

The ROOF scores aim to show how investor risk preference changes over time between risk-on and risk-off. Sentiment tracking portfolios can be built using these as an input.

Regulating Big Tech (BIS)

Big tech companies represent a critical aspect of the global economy and play important roles in our political systems. The need for regulating these companies has increased.

Global IPO Trends 2022 (EY)

Looking at the data provided in this report, investors can see that a strong IPO pipeline has been built across geographies, waiting for the right moment to come to market.

Podcast: David Rosenberg | This Bear Market Has a Long Way To Go (Macro Voices)

Is the bear market over yet? David Rosenberg, the founder of Rosenberg Research, argues that it is not. Equity investors can be cautiously optimistic.