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Reimagining Emerging Markets

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  • 23 Jun 2023


New frontiers for risk-adjusted returns

Over the years, emerging markets have become a preferred destination for global investors looking for diversification. Recent developments, such as the divergence in growth between China and other developing economies, as well as geopolitical tensions between powerful countries have benefited a number of emerging markets even further. Take a look at some of the latest - and best - research on this part of the global economy.

LATAM Led the Way in Rate Hikes. Possibly Recession, Too? (CME Group)

LATAM central banks may have been faster to raise rates than their peers in places like the U.S., Europe and Australia because their memory of high inflation was more recent.

An EM-phatic Advantage For Quantitative Investors? (Man Group)

The breadth and depth of data available in EM are increasing by the day. Lagging developed markets a few years ago the breadth of EM datasets has been steadily increasing.

Emerging Markets 2.0: New Investment Mindset Required (BlackRock)

EMs have come a long way over the last 40 years. In recent times, they have become a capital magnet for international investors looking for diverse sources of returns.

Family Structural Change And Retirement Security In Asia (Manulife IM)

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Over the past two decades, the average household size across all four Asian markets has been shrinking gradually. What are the implications of this dynamic for retirement systems?

Mind the Generation Gap: Chinese Consumers of the Future 2023 (BCG)

China is on the cusp of a new dawn. However, this may not be the economic paradise that investors are hoping for. China's population is changing, and so are its economic prospects.

Global Firms Secure Their Supply Chains (American Century Investments)

As U.S. companies reshore jobs and operations, China and other Asian emerging markets will likely be affected sooner than other parts of the global economy.

BRICS Common Currency Would Be No Threat to the Dollar (OMFIF)

Russia, Brazil and China are already using their own currencies for bilateral trade payment settlement. Are BRICS countries moving to take on the U.S. dollar?

China’s Rare Earths Dominance and Policy Responses (OIES)

Rare earth elements (REEs) are key to the global energy transition as they are used in a variety of applications. Demand for REEs is expected to grow in the coming years.

Reimagining Economic Growth in Africa (McKinsey & Company)

Africa's economy is going through a difficult period. Investors in this region need to monitor a growing number of risks.

Emerging Market Debt Whitepaper (Camradata)

Has the perception that emerging markets debt is riskier than other forms of fixed income with similar risk-return profile diminished? Find out in this paper.