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CIO Reading List: January 2024

  • ,  Senior Investment Writer |
  • 25 Jan 2024
  • Updated 09 Feb 2024

CIO Reading List

Here are some of the most important pieces CIOs should read…

In this selection of insights, we bring together a range of perspectives on everything from nuclear energy, smart infrastructure, monetary policy, to private debt. At the root of every good (or bad) capital allocation decision is a good (or bad) idea. Developing the right ideas is therefore key to investment success.

PGIM's President and CEO On Major Investment Themes For 2024 (PGIM)

Watch PGIM's President and CEO David Hunt discuss the major investment themes that global allocators should expect to unfold in the year ahead.

The Resurgence Of The Value Factor (Robeco)

The analysis in this paper allows investors to form medium-term return expectations for the value factor based on changes in the value spread.

Public Vs. Private Credit: Different Sides Of The Same Die (Polen Capital)

In recent years, the private credit market has swiftly evolved from a once-niche corner of the lending landscape to a vital source of capital.

UK Forest Market Report 2023 (Tilhill)

UK forests are assets not often talked about but that are, nevertheless, of crucial importance to parts of the country's economy.

Uncommon Truths | 2023: A Year In Review (Invesco)

This report sheds light on the key events of 2023 that will likely continue to define the next 12 months.

Macro Outlook: Turn The Page (Natixis IM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States and Canada

Is the macroeconomic environment changing from the previous year? If yes, in what sense? Where are the risks, and where are the opportunities?

QE And The Functioning Of The Gilt Repo Market (Bank of England)

One of the key findings of this investigation is that QE interventions can improve liquidity provision, and that their size determines how this is attained.

Securitized Products Outlook 2024: Back To Basics (DoubleLine)

An important overview of the securitized market, this outlook offers investors essential data and insights into this part of the financial markets.

The Volatility Of Listed Real Estate In Europe And Portfolio Implications (EPRA)

Discover how the volatility of European listed real estate across sectors and countries changed during the period 2003-2022.

Short Interest And Aggregate Stock Returns (The Review of Asset Pricing Studies)

This paper explores the predictive ability of aggregate short-selling activities for future market returns in 32 countries.

Smart Infrastructure: Building Back Better, And Smarter (CAIA)

Smart Infrastructure can be defined as a combination of traditional, physical infrastructure with technological innovation to create digitally enhanced assets.

Unlocking The Potential Of Small Modular Reactors (Kearney)

Nuclear power is an important energy source for the world as it transitions to a greener future. Here is what investors need to know.