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Will U.S. Banks Cause Another Crisis?

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  • 19 Feb 2024

US banks

From U.S. regional banks to the global banking system

Banks are back in the spotlight again. This time, U.S. regional banks are facing challenges thanks to a wobbly commercial real estate sector. Will these risks grow bigger, threatening the stability of the entire global financial system once more? The pieces below help answer this question and offer ideas on how to position your portfolio accordingly.

Global Bank Lending And Exchange Rates In A Volatile World (BIS)

The main goal of this paper is to shed light on the elasticity of exchange rates with respect to changes in a key quantity within the world economy—global bank lending flows.

Can The Banks Deliver For Investors In 2024? (Capital Group)

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Outside of the U.S. regional banks, fundamentals within the banking sector are the strongest they have been in decades. Yet, investors are still worried.

Growth Forecasts, Regional Bank Concerns, And A Hot US Jobs Report (Invesco)

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Just how risky are U.S. regional banks today? Are they a threat to the broader U.S. economy—or even to the global financial system?

A Brighter 2024 Outlook For U.S. Regional Banks? (Manulife IM)

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This paper argues that U.S. regional banks are in fact well-positioned to absorb the volatility coming from the commercial real estate sector.

Banks Need Bolder Strategies For Serving Customers and Society (BCG)

Banks’ share of total financial assets in almost all economies has been steadily declining. What can banks do to regain their dominant position?

Banking Trends For 2024: Banking On AI (Accenture)

Digitalization is transforming the banking system. There are already challenges facing the old-school banking model. But AI can help evolve the industry.

High-Yield And Bank Loan Outlook Q1 2024 (Guggenheim Partners)

The leveraged credit markets—high-yield bonds and bank loans—delivered strong returns in 2023. Will this year be more of the same?

The IMF And The European Debt Crisis (IMF)

What can investors in the banking sector learn from past crises, such as the European Debt Crisis? Find out in this in-depth study.

Financial stability And The Role of Private Credit (Bank of England)

In recent years, as banks have been retreating, private credit has become an important source of funding for some corporates and other asset classes, such as real estate.

The Worst Year For Banks Since 2008 (FT)

Recent developments spell trouble for U.S. banks. Are these hiccups threatening to spread overseas as well?