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Alternatives: Strategies, Products and New Tools

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  • 05 Dec 2022


The quest for diversification and alpha generation continues

Below you can find a collection of high-quality insights into hedge funds, asset-backed securities, private equity, floating rate loans and digital lending. What all these subjects have in common is one concept: alternatives. They offer institutional investors new ways of accessing traditional asset classes, diversifying their portfolios and pursuing alpha. 

China Onshore Hedge Funds Report (CAIA)

In China, hedge funds operate under the structure of private offering funds. This sector has grown rapidly - in 2021 there were 24,610 existing private offering fund managers.

Hedge Fund Opportunities (BlackRock)

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BlackRock explores what the near future may hold for hedge funds, as institutional investors continue to look for opportunities to mitigate risk and generate alpha.

How The Complexity of ABS Can Help Institutional Investors (NN IP)

Asset-backed securities, or ABS, offer institutional investors novel ways to tap into attractive credit spreads. However, these products are largely misunderstood.

Private Debt Markets in Africa (FSD Africa)

Private credit, although primarily an American and European asset class, has substantial benefits for African economies where financing needs are high.

Floating Rate Loans Remain Attractive (New York Life Investments)

Investors can access floating rate loans through a number of alternative products. These credit instruments offer a range of benefits for global allocators.

Investing In Digital Loans with Data Science (Franklin Templeton Investments)

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Using novel tools, such as artificial intelligence, in order to assess the viability of credit instruments can be a game changer for institutional investors.

Global PE Activity Succumbs to Market Pressures in Q3 (White & Case)

Private equity deals are seeing subdued activity. This is in line with broader M&A trends from across the world.

U.S. VC Valuations Report Q3 2022 (Pitchbook)

Seed investment continued to show its strength after several quarters of slowing deal activity in the broader venture industry.


The Coming Revolution in Repo and Sec Lending Markets

Technology has revolutionised many parts of the financial system. However, the repo and sec lending markets have defied attempts to become more efficient. Join State Street on Thursday, 8th December, at 10 am ET / 3 pm GMT / 4 pm CET to understand the forces shaping these too often overlooked markets.