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Alternatives Under the Spotlight

  • ,  Senior Investment Writer |
  • 22 Mar 2023
  • Updated 31 Mar 2023


What benefits can alternatives bring to investors today?

With the recent failure of SVB and the troubles in which Credit Suisse finds itself, market risk seems to be ticking upwards. In this environment, investors can turn towards alternative assets which offer interesting risk-reward profiles: some can act as volatility dampeners, while others may assist in the search for alpha. Explore the timely research below – you can find insights into hedge funds, private credit, and digital assets.

Exploring the New Paradigm Shift: Private Equity Research (Apogem Capital)

This report shows that that private equity sponsors are closely monitoring new sources of risk that are presenting themselves across markets.

Webinar: Why Digital Assets Are Here To Stay (State Street)

Following the FTX scandal, how should institutional investors view digital assets? This engaging webinar provides a few compelling answers to this question.

How Hedge Funds Can Improve Portfolio Diversification (Morgan Stanley IM)

This timely analysis shows that many hedge fund strategies benefit from volatility and higher interest rates, making them attractive in the current environment.

IPM: Quarterly Insights into Private Markets - March 2023 (UBS AM)

As the first quarter of 2023 is almost over, what can global allocators expect from private markets going forward?

Private Debt: How Much is Too Much in a Credit Portfolio? (Moody's Analytics)

This report shows how to analyse and manage a portfolio of public and private corporate credit exposures in the current macroeconomic environment.

Video: Volatility as an Asset Class (RCM Alternatives)

As volatility seems to be making a comeback, why not turn this risk into an asset? In this insightful video, experts reveal how this can be achieved.

Digital Assets: Regulation and Infrastructure for an Evolving Economy (OMFIF)

As more aspects of our lives are conducted digitally, a new layer of financial infrastructure is evolving to provide the plumbing for this new economy.

Guide to Unicorns (

Looking at this space from a global perspective, the United States is responsible for more unicorns than any other country based on startup headquarters.