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Alternative Assets and Strategies for a Complex Market Environment

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  • 09 Nov 2022


Investors must look beyond traditional assets to achieve their goals

The global alternatives market reached $9.3 trillion at the start of this year. It is projected to double in size by 2027. This massive universe of exotic assets and strategies offers investors substantial opportunities to extract alpha, reduce portfolio volatility and diversify their allocations. Here you can find a carefully selected collection of insights on hedge funds, private equity, real estate, infrastructure, private credit, and digital assets.

Hedge Fund Strategy Outlook: Alpha Through Risk Management (Man Group)

The macroeconomic backdrop remains challenging for investors. Hedge fund strategies can be employed in the search for alpha amid uncertain and volatile times.

Drivers Wanted: Sources of Return In Alternative Investments (Goldman Sachs AM)

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Alternative investment strategies can provide access to differentiated sources of return. These can either be alternative beta factors or alpha sources from manager skill.

Capital Commitment - October 2022 (Amundi)

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Institutional investors’ exposure to private market funds is just over $10 trillion. To what extent do capital commitments to these products affect portfolio allocation decisions?

Proof of Work Vs. Proof of Stake: Why Their Differences Matter (Global X ETFs)

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Proof of Work and Proof of Stake are both Sybil resistance mechanisms that protect blockchain investors. What are the differences between the two?

Hedge Fund Opportunities (BlackRock)

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Volatility has returned in full force. In this new market regime, hedge funds can thrive. Investors should consider them as part of their portfolio construction process.

New Market Regime Favours Alternatives (UBP)

Alternative investments is a broad term that can mean anything from hedge funds to real estate. How should investors approach this space in the new market environment?

How Alternatives Can Address 60/40 Portfolio Blues (Apollo)

Addressable market size and growth potential are important elements for investors to bear in mind when considering investing in alternatives.

Venture Capital Survey 2022: Market Sentiment (Invest Europe)

A key finding of the survey is that the VC perceptions of the fundraising environment are worse than during the COVID-19 crisis.

Inflation and Rising Rates: Impact on Infrastructure Assets (Ares Management)

Private infrastructure assets are often presented as an inflation hedge because their revenues tend to be linked, in different ways, to increases in inflation.

2023 Commercial Real Estate Outlook (Deloitte)

The real estate industry faces an unknown trajectory. Megatrends such as record inflation and supply chain disruptions can push and pull property fundamentals in all directions.

Global Trends in Private Infrastructure Investment (Global Infrastructure Hub)

Global private investment in infrastructure projects was ‘greener’ than ever in 2021, and at 60% of total private investment in infrastructure projects, a record high.

Work from Home and the Office Real Estate Apocalypse (NBER)

The real impact of remote work on the real estate sector remains up for debate. This paper aims to go a step closer to achieving a data-based conclusion.