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Alternatives: Winning with Exotic Strategies and Assets

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  • 25 Jul 2022

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Amid Volatility and Inflation, Interest in Alternatives is Growing

Amid the well-reported current risks for investors such as runaway inflation, market volatility and geopolitical turmoil, some investors turn to alternative assets for opportunities to find returns. In this handpicked list of research papers and industry reports, we present in-depth analysis of diverse high-potential assets including CLOs, hedge funds, venture capital and private equity investments, plus other alternatives. Care for something more exotic?

CLOs: A Compelling Asset Class For Institutional Investors (MetLife IM)

Collateralised Loan Obligations have seen substantial growth in recent years, with some estimates valuing the market for these products at $1 trillion.

Building Strategic Allocations to Alternative Credit (Nuveen)

Alternative credit was massively boosted by the 2008 financial crisis when banks were unable to lend. It has now become an important asset class for institutional investors.

The Pursuit of Alternative Alpha (Robeco)

Taking a fresh look at quant investing, Robeco explores whether AI-related software tools are indeed helping investors generate alpha.

Podcast: Key Growth Drivers For Private Markets (M&G Investments)

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Alternatives saw AUM topping $13 trillion in 2021, with projections that another $10 trillion will be added in the next five years. What has been driving this growth?

Private Assets: Market dynamics and investment strategy (Special Report, 2022)

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Private asset classes provide a range of benefits to investors, including portfolio risk reduction, potential for income generation, and capital growth.

Central and Eastern Europe Private Equity Report (Invest Europe, 2022)

Central and Eastern Europe can offer unexpected opportunities for allocators looking to invest in PE or VC in a part of the world with exceptional talent but lacking capital.

Measuring the Contributions of PE and VC to the UK Economy (BVCA, 2022)

One of the key questions asked by policymakers and the media in recent years has been how do PE and VC investments contribute to the economy? BVCA offers an answer.

Venture Monitor Q2 2022 (Pitchbook)

An in-depth industry report on the key dynamics underpinning the venture capital market in the United States, looking at both fundraising statistics and deal volume.

Crypto Hedge Funds: Where is the value? (MPI, 2022)

Crypto hedge funds have successfully delivered on their promises to investors – at least the ones lucky to survive so far, according to investment analytics firm MPI.

Alternative Investments Take Center Stage Amid Inflation (CAIA, 2022)

CAIA looks at the role of hedge funds in an inflationary environment. How have their strategies performed so far and what can investors expect going forward?