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Real Assets: In the eye of the storm – A Savvy Investor Special Report

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Our latest Special Report focuses on the hot topic of real asset investing. Thanks to the sudden changes caused by the coronavirus crisis, a number of real asset sectors have faced some challenges in recent months, but disruption often leads to attractive opportunities for investors… 

"Real Assets: In the eye of the storm" presents the latest insights on real assets, centering on infrastructure, real estate, and gold in particular. The report also discusses how in a reflationary environment, real assets tend to outperform financial assets. As investors become more confident of the economic outlook and/or wary that policymakers will target higher levels of inflation, we may see an increasing interest in this asset class over 2021.

READ NOW: Real Assets: In the eye of the storm (Special Report, 2020)

Real Assets

Real Assets: In the eye of the storm (Special Report, 2020)

This Special Report investigates the effects that the pandemic has had on real assets and where there are potential opportunities for investors.