Farmland and Forestry

Farmland and Forestry - Conferences

Farmland and Forestry Conferences. This part of the Savvy Investor site includes conferences for institutional investors in agriculture and timberland. Conference producer Global AgInvesting hosts annual conferences in Asia and Europe examining current trends in agribusiness investing, agribusiness stocks, agriculture ESG, farmland for institutional investors and asset allocation to farmland...

. Other conference companies such as Private Equity International also run events such as the Agri Investor Forum which considers institutional investment in agriculture, diversification in agriculture investing, bio-markets investing and farmland. Institutional investors seek real returns from agriculture in different parts of the world. Conference managers therefore provide opportunities to discuss topics such as investing in African agriculture, investing in Australian farms, investing in European agriculture and investing in Russian agriculture. Other conference topics covered in this section might include timberland as an asset class, the case for investing in Asian woodland, investing in Canadian forestry or American forestry.

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