Farmland and Forestry

Farmland and Forestry - Articles & White Papers

Research and white papers on institutional investment in farmland and forestry. For pension funds and institutional investors, investing in agriculture or timberland provides inflation hedging, diversification and potential for higher returns from an illiquid asset. Timberland and Forestry is an asset class in which most investors have little experience. For this reason, primers and...

introductory guides are popular, such as "Timberland Investing in the US: what you need to know" or "The Case for Timberland Investment" from KPMG. Papers providing the investment outlook and projected returns for timberland are also well read. Recent years have seen a rise in farmland as an institutional asset class, and one of our most popular reports provides a strategic review of the global food and agriculture investment outlook. Direct investment in farmland provides exposure to a "real asset" providing diversification, inflation protection and above-average expected returns. Other articles and reports in this section consider illiquid alternative assets, sustainable forestry, sustainable farmland investing, agriculture market monitors and assessments of soft commodity markets.

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