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Farmland and Forestry - Articles & White Papers

Research and white papers on institutional investment in farmland and forestry. For pension funds and institutional investors, investing in agriculture or timberland provides inflation hedging, diversification and potential for higher returns from an illiquid asset. Timberland and Forestry is an asset class in which most investors have little experience. For this reason, primers and introductory guides are popular, such as "Timberland Investing in the US: what you need to know" or "The Case for Timberland Investment" from KPMG. Papers providing the investment outlook and projected returns for timberland are also well read. Recent years have seen a rise in farmland as an institutional asset class, and one of our most popular reports provides a strategic review of the global food and agriculture investment outlook. Direct investment in farmland provides exposure to a "real asset" providing diversification, inflation protection and above-average expected returns. Other articles and reports in this section consider illiquid alternative assets, sustainable forestry, sustainable farmland investing, agriculture market monitors and assessments of soft commodity markets.
  • bfinance

    Sector in Brief: Agriculture and Timberland (bfinance, Nov 2017)

    Agriculture and Timberland have received strong attention from institutional investors in 2017, as have other “niche” real assets. While Timberland is a relatively well established sector, the past three years have seen a distinctive new group of non-timber agriculture funds coming onto the scene. This research note tackles structures, fees, opportunity types and ...

  • Global AgInvesting

    History of Institutional Farmland Investment (Global AgInvesting, 2017)

    Over the past three decades, farmland investing has grown exponentially from a “niche” investment dominated by a few large pension plans and insurance companies to a mainstream institutional real asset class that increasingly can be accessed by retail-oriented investors. To better understand today’s environment and where institutional farmland investing may be heading in the ...

  • TIAA

    An Introduction to Investing in Agriculture (TIAA-CREF, 2013)

    • 09 Feb 2015
    • Company: TIAA

    Agriculture is a growing asset class for institutions and this 12-page report provides a great introduction. Direct investing in global farmland can give diversification, return potential and inflation protection. For several reasons, global agricultural land is rising as a remarkably good investment opportunity, providing potentially stable investment returns, low correlation to ...

  • Preqin

    Preqin Special Report: Natural Resources Fund Manager Outlook, H1 2018

    In November 2017, Preqin surveyed over 50 natural resources fund managers to understand their views on the key issues and challenges facing the industry as well as their outlook for 2018 and beyond. Download the report to find out more about key challenges, deal flow and competition, fund managers views and investor appetite, as well as outlook and future plans.

    To receive the ...

  • KPMG

    Timberland Investor Sentiment Survey: Positive but tempered expectations (KPMG, Jan 2018)

    • 06 Feb 2018
    • Company: KPMG

    Timberland investment continues to be an attractive alternative investment strategy for many, with institutional investors, hedge funds, and private equity funds increasing allocations to timber investments throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Generally, these investors are drawn to stable cash flows, current yields, and the inflation hedging characteristics of ...

  • KPMG

    The Role of Real Assets (KPMG, 2018)

    • 16 Jan 2018
    • Company: KPMG

    This 11-page report by KPMG considers the role of real assets in an investment portfolio. It introduces four sub-asset classes and provides the authors' view on the opportunities available.

  • Valoral Advisors

    2018 Global Food & Agriculture Investment Outlook (Valoral Advisors)

    As we start 2018, the improving economic growth around the world offers a constructive outlook for continued growth in consumer demand for all the spectrum of food and agricultural products. Investors can find many reasons to be encouraged about the sector in the New Year. The 2018 outlook contains insights and statistics based on more than 440 investment funds and other ...

  • 2017 Timberland Investment Outlook (New Forests)

    Institutional investment in timberland, or forestry, is an expanding industry of more than USD 100 billion. Timberland has been an attractive asset class for institutional investors due to favourable portfolio attributes including low correlation to other asset classes, natural inflation hedging, and low volatility of returns. Sustainable and responsible management of forestry ...

  • OECD

    OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2017-2026

    • 23 Aug 2017
    • Company: OECD

    Over the ten-year Outlook period, agricultural markets are projected to remain weak, with growth in China weakening and biofuel policies having less impact on markets than in the past. Future growth in crop production will be attained mostly by increasing yields, and growth in meat and dairy production from both higher animal stocks and improved yields. Agricultural trade is ...

  • Preqin

    Preqin Special Report: The Natural Resources Top 100 (Aug 2017)

    The natural resources fundraising landscape remained strong over H1 2017: $34bn was secured by vehicles reaching a final close, exactly half the amount of capital raised in 2016. However, with just 35 funds reaching a final close in H1 2017, compared to 99 closed in H1 2016, investor capital has become more concentrated across fewer and generally more established fund managers. ...

  • Frontier Advisors

    Timberland and Agriculture: A Primer (Frontier Advisors, 2017)

    This report by Frontier Advisors provides an overview of both the timberland and agricultural asset classes from an institutional investor's perspective. It covers a number of aspects of these asset classes, which will hopefully help with understanding the nature of the assets, the managers that manage them, and the risks within these sectors.

  • Australia: Driving Super Fund Investment in Agriculture (2017)

    At 68 pages, this report by Industry Super Australia is detailed. It provides detailed insights into institutional investing in Australia's agriculture sector. The paper considers: the Economics of Agriculture; the Rationale for Institutional Investment in Agriculture; Agriculture and the Australian economy; and more.

  • KPMG

    Timberland Investor Sentiment Survey: A prosperous outlook with the global recovery (KPMG, 2016)

    • 09 May 2017
    • Company: KPMG

    Investment in timberlands has been an attractive alternative investment strategy over the past several years, with investors continuing to act as net buyers of timberland assets despite ongoing volatility in global economies. With U.S. housing starts approaching all time highs and forecasts expecting U.S. housing starts to exceed record levels, demand for timber continues to be ...

  • TIAA

    Commercial real estate and farmland are compatible diversifiers (TIAA, Sep 2016)

    • 15 Sep 2016
    • Company: TIAA

    U.S. commercial property and farmland are real assets that offer diversification for stock-bond portfolios. But their diversifying power is driven by different forces making them diversifiers for each other as well. Property is largely driven by domestic forces while farmland is influenced by global markets largely denominated in dollars.