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Investment Technology - Articles & White Papers

White papers and surveys on investment technology for fund managers. The role of technology within asset management is crucial, and papers on fund management technology for both front office and back office have been popular. Much of this research is aimed at those responsible for IT implementation within money management firms, for instance, those with responsibility for setting out guidelines or rules to be followed by technology professionals sourcing investment systems. Front office technology covers...

a multitude of different tasks, market news & information, trade execution and reporting, investment compliance, management of broker research, portfolio construction, risk measurement and risk management systems, the development of quant trading models - the list is endless! Within fund operations and investment accounting, reliance on technology is absolute and papers on technology for investment operations have generated a lot of interest. Many of these reports are written by technology vendors or consulting firms. Recently popular themes include articles on FinTech, research on so-called "Big Data" and papers on technology in wealth management, reflecting the rise of digital and social advice and the emergence of robo-advisers. White papers on cybersecurity reflect another growing theme, as risk managers seek to control cyber-risk and cyber-crime.

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