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Conferences on Index Investing and Smart Beta. Smart beta conferences are the new kid on the block. Today, every indexing event is likely to discuss smart beta approaches to indexation. Smart beta (also known as fundamental beta or scientific beta) essentially tilts a portfolio away from an index, increasing exposure to selected risk factors in order to create a "better" beta. Dedicated smart beta events are beginning to emerge, such as the one organised by P&I Conferences in New York. Smart beta events tend to examine...

how risk factors are selected, the robustness of factor models, smart beta products and methods of backtesting the "zoo" of smart beta factors. Often, discussions of smart beta are contained within indexed fund conferences - events for those who manage, own or oversee indexed funds and portfolios. IMN's "William F. Sharpe Indexing Achievement Awards" conference recognises not just the American Economist but also the leading lights in the indexing sector. IMN have a long history of running indexation conferences; events which cover the management and marketing of index funds and tradable index products, discussing index rebalancing, management of tracking error, indexation systems and technology and product design for global index products.

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