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Quant and Tools - Articles & White Papers

White papers and research exploring quantitative investment management and quant strategies. Quantitative investing research in this section includes academic papers on portfolio optimisation, articles on quant equity strategies for model-driven alpha creation, managing index funds, papers on derivatives pricing, articles on performance attribution analysis and other forms of qiantiative investment analysis. Quantitiative investing styles continue to gain ground as computing power increases and big data and AI approaches become more viable. The "tools" component of this section refers to investment tools which help portfolio managers to do their job. For instance, ETFs may be considered a "tool" to make...

a short term allocation to specific asset class or strategy. Investment technology is a "tool" used throughout the investment process. This heading includes research on alpha creation, including: quantitative approaches to asset allocation and investment technology, Big Data, and the role of technology within asset management. For lists of white papers on specific quant topics - such as index investing, derivatives pricing, attribution analysis or trading models for alpha generation - please use the search menu at the top or click on the appropriate selection in the topic menu.

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