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The best UK Pensions Research, articles and white papers, aggregated in one place. Of interest to professional pensions managers, other employees of UK Pension Funds, those studying for the Pensions Management Institute exams (PMI exams) and anyone supplying services to UK pension funds and pensions professionals . According to the latest pensions research from Willis Towers Watson, the UK Pension Fund industry is the world's third biggest by pensions AUM, beaten only by the US and Japan. ...

As a % of GDP, the UK Pension Fund industry scores as the fifth largest. At 101% of GDP, the size of pension funds UK is beaten only by the Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland and the US (in that order). The UK Pension Fund industry is one of the largest in the world. This section contains UK pensions research written by investment consultants, asset manager, academics, other pensions professionals and pensions industry organisations. The content covers both UK DB pensions research and also UK DC pensions research, of interest to UK Pension Fund managers, UK benefit and pensions management directors, UK actuaries and investment consultants, and also to those who market pensions and investment products to UK pensions funds. Professional pensions executives and pensions marketing professionals will also find the UK Pension Fund company directory of interest. The primary professional body for the UK pensions industry is the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) and the papers below provide excellent background reading for many of the topics covers in the PMI examination syllabus. The most read white papers for UK pension funds cover the subject of pensions risk and de-risking of UK defined benefit (DB) pension schemes; particularly|break| those on the subject of liability-driven investment (LDI). Delegated management (outsourcing to fiduciary managers) is another hot topic, as are papers on the subject of UK pension reform and pensions freedoms. Research relating to UK pension fund governance and auto-enrolment has also featured strongly. The UK pensions research category also includes many UK pension fund surveys and reports. Articles on pension fund regulation have also proved popular with members, while the UBS Pension Fund Indicators report as well as some great reports from UK investment consultants, are also highly engaged with by UK pension fund members.

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