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Articles and papers broadly covering superannuation management in Australia and New Zealand (both DB and DC pensions). The most read research on Australian superannuation covers such topics as long-term investing, superannuation governance, retirement readiness and the trends shaping Australia's superannuation industry. Other white papers, reports and surveys talk about New Zealand superannuation, inflation protection, independent directors, centralised portfolio management and other aspects of the current Australian pensions landscape. Papers which look at Australian asset allocation, as well as comparing Aussie Pension Funds to those in other regions of the world, are popular. Australian pension funds have been pioneers in infrastructure investing, and a case study on this topic has been particularly popular with pensions professionals.
  • Willis Towers Watson

    The world’s 300 largest pension funds (Willis Towers Watson, Sept 2017)

    This comprehensive 47-page paper by Willis Towers Watson provides invaluable insights into the financial state of the largest 300 pension funds in the world. The U.S. continues to hold its position as the country with the largest share of pension assets across the top 300 funds, representing 38.6% spread across 134 funds. Meanwhile, Canada has overtaken the U.K. as the fifth ...

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  • Citi

    The Coming Pensions Crisis (Citi, 2016)

    • 09 Mar 2016
    • Company: Citi

    The retirement dream for many is to retire early enough to enjoy the fruits of their labours. The reality however is that for many there isn't enough money in the bank to last the entirety of their retirement. This paper by Citi looks at the scope of the problem both on the private and the public side. The author examines the issue globally then makes some recommendations ...

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  • Focusing Capital on the Long Term

    Long-Term Investing - Portfolio Guide (FCLT, 2015)

    This 60-page report investigates a variety of approaches that may be taken by institutional investors in order to find new long-term investment strategies. Examining the five key action areas (risk appetite statements, investment mandates, benchmarking processes, evaluations and incentives, and investment benefits), this paper's authors develop a framework for the improvement ...

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  • Rotman International Centre for Pension Management

    Pension Fund Investment in Infrastructure: Lessons from Australia and Canada

    Since the early 1990s, the pioneers in infrastructure investing have been Canadian and Australian pension funds. Globally, these funds currently have the highest allocation of assets to infrastructure. In this article, the authors compare and contrast institutional investors' experiences in Australia and Canada, examining the pension systems, infrastructure policies, the ...

  • Willis Towers Watson

    Global Pension Asset Study (Willis Towers Watson, 2018)

    This is Willis Towers Watson's latest annual Global Pension Assets Study. It covers 22 major pension markets which now total over US$41 bn in pension assets and account for nearly 70% of the GDP of these economies. The study examines the seven largest markets in more detail (US, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, and Australia) which comprise over 90% of total pension ...

  • Broken Promises: The Coming Global Pension Crisis (RWC, July 2017)

    In this edition of our quarterly letter Ian Lance looks at one of today's largest and yet least discussed issues: the extent to which different types of pensions across the globe are underfunded. After identifying the factors that led to this situation, he examines the potential implications of trying to deal with the shortfall and concludes they could have a very deflationary ...

  • Willis Towers Watson

    Future Fund and Willis Towers Watson 2017 Asset Owner Study

    This study was commissioned by Future Fund, the Australian SWF. It aims compare best practices across leading asset owner funds with reference to benchmarks. The authors aim to reveal opportunities for idea sharing, development, and challenge between these funds. Eight specific focus areas emerge from the study: Culture, Diversity and EVP; Effective Decision Making; Long-Horizon ...

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  • ASFA

    The Australian Superannuation Industry (ASFA, Mar 2017)

    • 25 Apr 2017
    • Company: ASFA

    The Australian superannuation industry is now one of the largest retirement savings pools in the world with assets of around $2.2 trillion. This 42-page paper gives a helpful historical overview of the industry. It covers different areas: the history of superannuation, the current industry structure, market concentration and scale, trends in industry structure, and more.

  • UBS Asset Management

    Australia: State of the Asset Management Industry (FSC/UBS Asset Management, 2017)

    This 38-report is a collaborative effort between the Australian Financial Services Council and UBS Asset Management. It provides an overview of the entire industry, including key information on specific areas (e.g. life insurance, superannuation, funds management, financial advice, etc) and the sector’s crucial role in the overall Australian economy.

  • Options to Lose: How "sales" became "choice" and the impact on superannuation returns (2017)

    Industry Super Australia (ISA) analysis of Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) ten year performance data to June 2016 shows, on average, funds offering fewer investment options performed better than funds that offered hundreds of options. Bank-owned retail super funds which offer an average of 651 investment options per fund, underperformed not-for-profit funds which ...

  • The (un)Predictable Equity Risk Premium (2016)

    This 40-page paper has been jointly authored by Richard J. Bianchi, Michael E. Drew and Adam N. Walk. They examine the ERP concept (equity risk premium) particularly what is meant by 'the premium' for taking risk.

  • Capacity Management for Institutional Asset Owners (CIFR, 2016)

    This paper examines the management of capacity from the perspective of an institutional asset owner running a multi-asset portfolio. It discusses how asset owners should manage capacity by using their flexibility to choose where and how they invest, in accordance with what best fits their size. One implication is that optimal scale ...

  • In-house Investment Management: Making and Implementing the Decision

    This study examines in-house investment management by asset owners. It specifically focuses on the opinions and approaches of Australian superannuation (pension) funds, drawing on interviews with industry executives. ​A framework is proposed to assist asset owners to make and implement decisions to manage assets in-house, based on ...

  • Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees

    Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees: Fee and Performance Analysis (2015)

    The AIST commissioned SuperRatings, a superannuation research provider, to undertake analysis of the fee structures, asset allocation and investment performance of superannuation products across the industry, with the aim of evaluating the differences between the Retail Master Trust sector and the Not for Profit sector.

  • Superannuation in Post-Retirement: Search for a comprehensive income product (2015)

    Australia's superannuation system won't reach maturity until the 2030s, when those nearing retirement will have benefited from compulsory superannuation their full working lives. Lately, concerns about superannuation have turned towards examining how the system could better provide for citizens post-retirement, in light of increased longevity, while the system had ...

  • International superannuation governance trends and how Australia stacks up

    • 12 Mar 2015
    • Posted by: , Senior Policy Advisor (Consultant)

    This paper examines:

    • The current superannuation governance environment in Australia.
    • An overview of corporate governance trends affecting  Australian and overseas superannuation funds.
    • How the equal representation model in Australia works.
    • Is prescribing ‘independent’ directors useful.
    • Trust law and the ...