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Asian Pension Funds - Conferences

Asian Pension Conferences. This part of the conference directory lists conferences for Asian pension funds. One of the best events for Asian pension funds is the CFA's Japan Investment Conference, which covers a wide spectrum of investment topics. Other notable events covering specific areas are the ICBI SuperInvestor Asia events, and PEI's Infrastructure Investor Forum in Tokyo...

. The topics examined at Asian pension fund events may include pensions design in Asia, investment structures, pensions risk for Asian funds, asset allocation of Asian pension funds; sometimes specific topics such as the demographic issues facing the Japanese pensions system or the reform of pensions provision in China. Coveted delegates at these events will include those from the Japanese public pension plans, GPIF, Government Pension Fund Global (Thailand), Korea Teachers Pension Fund, Shichousonren, Taiwan Labor Pension Fund, Shigaku-Jigyodan, PT Taspen; delegates from Chikyoren, Chutaikyo, Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Kumpulan Wang, Perkeso and other prominent Asian pension funds.

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