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Insurance Companies - Articles & White Papers

The Insurance Asset Management section features institutional quality research and reports on the asset management issues facing insurance companies. The best white papers on insurance asset management, global insurance and health insurance portfolios can be found in this section of the Savvy Investor site, some written by insurance asset managers themselves, others written by investment consultants or asset management organisations. We particularly recommend a comprehensive paper from Patpatia & Associates which covers a wide range of insurance asset management issues. Articles and surveys cover...

topics such as Solvency II, strategic asset allocation, life insurers and comprehensive asset liability management (CALM). Other interest areas include research on liquid assets, hiring asset managers, cash flow risk management, dynamic factor modelling, and fixed indexed annuities. The growing role of alternative investments in insurance asset management is also examined in this section. This topic section will be of interest to all insurance staff working in insurance asset management roles, including actuaries and in-house asset managers. It will also be of interest to investment marketers seeking to market asset management products and services to insurance companies.

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