Endowments and Foundations

Endowments and Foundations - Articles & White Papers

Institutional research and articles covering investment policy and practices at endowments, foundations, non-profits and charities. A number of white papers examine the so-called "endowment model" pioneered by the Harvard and Yale endowments; a well-diversified portfolio with a relatively high allocation to alternative investments. Other popular papers examine trends in asset allocation... by endowments and foundations, the quest for performance, and the potential for US foundation endowments to impact the world positively, investing according to an ESG or SRI philosophy. A key challenge for endowments, foundations and charities is to withdraw cash in a sustainable manner, and a number of reports look at sustainable "withdrawal rates". A number of broader investment concepts are considered from an endowment/foundation perspective, such as the outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) model, risk management and active equity investment. Further research articles and surveys in this section cover issues related to endowment performance, investment risk tolerance, and strategies for nonprofit institutional investors.
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