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White papers and articles covering a range of topics relating to institutions other than pension funds. This covers asset owners such as endowments and foundations, insurance companies, SWFs and central banks, and also traditional asset managers, wealth managers and investment consultants. Many of our most popular reports cover the investment management industry itself, for instance: examining business strategy for alternative asset managers, exploring the "megatrends" shaping the investment management industry, or analyzing the drivers of change in the global wealth and asset management industry. However, our most popular reports are those which show the results of salary surveys - surveys of fund manager compensation, for front office and asset management roles, in both the UK and US. For more specific research listings - for instance papers for endowments, reports on SWFs, or research for insurance asset managers - please click on the appropriate section in the topic menu at the top of the page.
  • Robeco

    The Future of Asset Management (Robeco, 2016)

    The business of investment management will change significantly in the years ahead. Demographic and regulatory trends have imposed gradual change upon the industry, but technological developments are now injecting more urgency into the pace of change. In this white paper, Robeco examines the forces that are driving change, and how this will transform the industry. The authors ...

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  • Robeco

    How will Blockchain impact the Financial Industry? (Robeco, 2016)

    There is growing agreement that Blockchain technology, though overhyped, is here to stay. This excellent report from Robeco explains the distributed ledger technology, transaction flows and the eco-system. It then examines the ways in which it might transform the asset management industry in the future. 

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  • Best Practices in Formal Meetings with Investment Consultants

    • 17 Apr 2016
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    • Manager, Institutional Marketing - Investment Management Practice

    Formal meetings with investment consulting firms can be make-or-break moments for asset managers. Strengthening relationships with consultants and ultimately winning a prized spot on their selective shortlists hinges on a manager’s performance in face-to-face formal meetings.

    Our recently released white paper, Best Practices in Formal Meetings with Investment Consultants, ...

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  • Johnson Associates

    US Asset Management Compensation Survey 2015

    This US salary survey, compiled jointly by Johnson Associates and Greenwich Associates, shows median salary and bonus earned by analysts, traders and portfolio managers, working in equity and fixed income, for traditional asset managers and at hedge funds. It suggests that compensation for professionals at traditional buy-side organizations has almost recovered to pre-crisis highs. ...

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  • Michael Page

    Banking & Asset Management Salary Survey 2017

    This report by Michael Page details average salary packages in the UK banking and asset management industries. Despite 'Brexit', the report states that "there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon" with M&A volumes increasing and some European banks planning to move their trading desks to London.

  • State Street Global Advisors

    ESG Institutional Investor Survey: Performing for the Future (SSGA, 2017)

    The adoption of ESG principles is picking up steam and moving into the mainstream, reflecting a view that ESG insights and perspectives can address multiple objectives. In this survey SSGA finds that, in addition to targeting positive social or environmental impacts, ESG criteria are increasingly seen as capable of improving investment returns. This 24 page document examines the ...

  • Mason Blake

    UK Investment Management Salary Survey 2016 (Mason Blake)

    This insightful report by Mason Blake looks into the UK investment management employment market. Compensation levels are revealed across a variety of investment roles, covering marketing and distribution, investment analysis, finance, risk & compliance, and investment operations. The analysis is split by role and experience.

  • Johnson Associates

    2016 Asset Management Compensation (Johnson Associates)

    Pay levels in the asset management industry are on the decline in 2016—marking the second consecutive year of reduced compensation for professionals at traditional asset management firms and the third for hedge funds. Even after recent disappointments in pay, this year’s bonus season could bring some unpleasant surprises.

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  • Willis Towers Watson

    A Guide to Delegated Investment Management (Willis Towers Watson, 2016)

    This detailed document from Willis Towers Watson provides plan sponsors with valuable insights into delegation. As a consequence of delegation, plan sponsors have access to relevant skills that are lacking. They also can devote more time to oversight and strategy issues. The authors emphasise the importance of objectives evolving over time as the objectives of a delegate mandate ...

  • Michael Page

    UK Front Office and Asset Management Salaries - 2016

    This 22 page report from Michael Page details average remuneration (salary plus bonus) for a range of front office banking and fund management positions, including compensation for assets managers, economists and investment strategists, equity analysts, debt and credit analysts, and those in research/strategy and sales/trading roles in the UK. The report also covers private equity, ...

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  • CFA Institute

    Survey of Canadian CFA Charterholder Compensation (2015)

    An excellent and comprehensive study of compensation amongst Canadian CFA Charterholders. Showing salary, bonus and benefit levels for portfolio managers, multi-asset PMs, portfolio analysts, risk analysts, compliance/regulatory professionals, investment marketers, product development professionals, investment advisers and private client execs. Compensation levels are cut and ...

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  • Insurance Asset Management - a comprehensive guide

    This excellent 120 page report from Patpatia & Associates provides a comprehensive guide to investment practices and policies within US and global insurance asset management. The document analyses the variations in strategy for different business lines, such as life & annuity business, property & casualty, and health insurers. It also considers investment strategies in ...

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  • Invesco (Europe)

    Invesco Global Sovereign Asset Management Study 2017

    Over the course of the last five years, sovereign investors have faced a challenging investment environment; more recently this has been driven by geo-political shocks in the developed markets, volatility in currency rates and various macro challenges within emerging markets. It’s within this environment that we have sought to provide unique insights into the investment ...

  • eVestment

    Manager Selection: Shining a Light on Shadow Searches (eVestment, May 2017)

    In the past few years, there has been a significant shift in how institutional investors and consultants are approaching manager selection and research. Open calls for RFPs are becoming less common as consultants and investors are using databases to pre-screen managers, create shortlists and invite only a select group to participate in the RFP or finals process. This practice has ...

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  • bfinance

    Global Investment Management Fees: New Savings, New Challenges (bfinance, 2017)

    New bfinance data reveals falling fees in several sectors, especially where providers have been under pressure from cheaper competitors or the investment landscape has evolved. Meanwhile, many asset managers have seized the opportunity to launch fashionable products at a premium to their conventional equivalents, with certain breeds of unconstrained, multi-asset or advisory ...

  • S&P Dow Jones Indices

    The Carbon Scorecard (S&P Dow Jones Indices)

    There is a recommendation from the Financial Stability Board that asset managers now report on the carbon exposure in their portfolios to manage climate-related risks. This report assesses the carbon risks and opportunities of major global equity indices. A range of metrics reveals the carbon footprint of each index, alongside exposure to fossil fuels, stranded assets, and ...