Global Economic Outlook

Global Economic Outlook - Articles & White Papers

White papers, articles and investment research on the global economic outlook. This section contains economic commentary on both cyclical and secular economic factors affecting financial markets. Among the most popular reports in this section is BofAML's "Transforming World Atlas" (which uses maps to illustrate investment themes) - and the World Economic Forum's "Global Risks Report" which considers global risks under five headings: economic risk, environmental risk, geopolitical risk, societal risk and...

technological risk. A number of other top papers are "evergreen" in nature, tackling subjects such as demography and economic growth, understanding the monetary system, how US monetary policy transmits to emerging markets, shadow banking, the history of inflation and how to forecast inflation. Most of our economic papers, however, feature contemporary economic research. The three topics receiving the most interest recently have been the obvious ones - China devaluation (why its so bad for equities and commodities), forecasts for the timing and size of Fed tightening and the Greek crisis. But also sparking interest have been papers on the savings glut, the implications of a peak in global FX reserves, and articles from key commentators such as Ben Bernanke, Mohamed El-Erian and Gavyn Davies. Whether an investment manager is looking for monthly economic outlook research, economic commentary on emerging markets, forecasts for interest rates and inflation or analysis of economic growth, the relevant white papers and surveys can be found here.

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