Currency Markets Outlook

Currency Markets Outlook - Articles & White Papers

Articles and white papers on the currency markets outlook. This section includes currency research suitable for both asset allocators and currency traders - papers written from both a secular/long-term viewpoint and also a short-term/currency trading perspective. One of most popular papers, for instance, looks at the history of emerging market currency returns, while another is an analysis of the...

peak in global FX reserves and the implications for financial markets (quantitative tightening!). Most of the FX research in this section consists of periodic reports on the currency outlook. For instance, Scotia Bank produces an interesting document, the "Foreign Exchange Monthly Outlook", which begins by examining the market backdrop and economic fundamentals before analyzing currency charts and making currency forecasts for each of the major currency pairs. Technical analysis and trend-following techniques are arguably more appropriate for currency than for any other asset class, and the FX reports in this section (and more so in our currency "news & blogs" section) feature a lot of FX chart analysis.

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