Fixed Income and Treasury

Fixed Income and Treasury - Articles & White Papers

White papers and reports on fixed income portfolio management and treasury management, examining issues related to the management of bond portfolios (from cash management through to longer-dated fixed income portfolio management). The most common fixed income research in this section covers specific elements of fixed income investing such as managing...

cash investment portfolios, unconstrained fixed income investing, absolute return fixed income investing or fixed income overlay strategies. Other interesting topics within this section include fixed income attribution, responsible investment for fixed income investors, and factor models / smart beta approaches to fixed income portfolio management. Other popular articles and papers assess the valuation of fixed income securities, the expected returns from bonds, and the valuation of UK index-linked gilts and TIPS. Other popular papers cover bond ETFs, integrating ESG into fixed income, and issues surrounding negative yields. Unsurprisingly, a salary survey which details the salaries of fixed income fund managers has also proved popular.

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