Investment Process

Investment Process - Articles & White Papers

White papers on the investment process - the policies and principles, frameworks and structures upon which successful fund management is built. Our "investment process" section includes articles, reports and surveys which cover the various components of the investment process, particularly asset allocation, manager selection, stock selection, fixed income investment management...

, currency management, trade execution, investment compliance and back office processes. We list research covering each of these processes in detail. Amongst our most downloaded documents are papers on the hallmarks of successful active equity managers, processes for momentum and trend-following in asset allocation, a quantitative approach to TAA, factor-based investing, long-term investing, and a framework for assessing factors and implementing smart beta strategies. Surveys on responsible investing have also proved very popular. For more specific content listings - for example covering the stock selection process, the asset allocation process, or fixed income fund management - please click the appropriate section in the topic menu at the top of this page.

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