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The need for retirement products to provide income security for DC plan participants has been identified, both by regulators and the industry, as the primary goal of retirement investing. Join us for a discussion on how to achieve this objective without sacrificing liquidity or flexibility. Two leading experts will discuss:

  • Addressing the decumulation investing problem: Goal-based withdrawal and investment strategies;
  • The outstanding puzzles in retirement investing: The annuity puzzle and the duration puzzle;
  • The introduction of the Retirement Bond: The new risk-free asset in retirement income strategies;
  • The benefits of the Retirement Bond in decumulation investment strategies.


Lionel Martellini
EDHEC-Risk Institute

Shahyar Safaee
Research Director and Head of Business Development
EDHEC-Risk Institute

What you can expect to learn about during the session:

  • The complex problem of efficiently securing retirement income post retirement, a.k.a. the decumulation problem
  • Desirable features one should expect to find in efficient decumulation strategies
  • Retirement income risk and the risk-free asset DC plans should have in their toolkit
  • How this risk-free asset enhances retirement outcomes for beneficiaries?