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As the world economy seeks to ‘build back better’, what role does impact investing have in ensuring inclusive growth? How can impact investors help tackle the world’s most pressing issues through their investments?

After many years of rising significance, impact investing has now reached the mainstream. As long-time investors become aware of their responsibility to society, and as environmental concerns increase in importance, the impact investing community has continued to grow too. Yet there are concerns that the term has become too broad, as ever more investors try and stake their claim.

Now, the community faces an unprecedented challenge – the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people in communities worldwide have been plunged into hardship, whole economies have shut down, and the environment has too often been brushed aside as a secondary concern. However, this presents a unique opportunity for those with the broadest shoulders to shape a new world, to invest in a better reality in the post-pandemic world.

How can investors ensure that sustainability is front of mind as economies seek to ‘build back better’ in the months ahead? Apart from impact investing, what are some of the tools available to wealthy investors who would consider environmental and social good as part of their remit? How can the investing community ensure that the coronavirus response doesn’t overshadow these pressing issues that have finally come into focus?

This Economist Event, sponsored by HSBC Private Banking, will convene a high-profile panel of investors and impact investing experts to discuss their solutions for investing in a post-pandemic reality.