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May's Most Thought-provoking Research

  • ,  Senior Investment Writer |
  • 31 May 2023
  • Updated 09 Jun 2023

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Investors are exploring a new world of risks and opportunities

This month's most thought-provoking content includes the latest BCG report on the evolution of the asset management industry, an interesting piece from the IMF on the Phillips curve, as well as timely analysis on the fixed income space. Also, you can find an eye-opening Special Report produced with Robeco on the growing need to understand and apply machine learning within financial services.

How Critical Minerals are Driving the Global Energy Transition (Sprott AM)

Critical minerals are essential for the global energy transition as we gradually phase out CO2-intensive energy sources with cleaner sources, such as nuclear, solar and wind.

The Chinese Challenge to the European Automotive Industry (Allianz)

Despite its success, Europe‘s approach towards alternative energy vehicles represents a risky gamble for its domestic car industry. Find out why in this report.

AEW: 2023 Mid-Year European Property Outlook (Natixis IM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States and Canada

The five most attractive markets are Paris and the Greater London light industrial markets, Stockholm and Dublin shopping centres and the London residential sector.

Video: How Do Bond Investors Approach The Regime? (Wellington Management)

Fixed income allocators can extract timely insights from this presentation pertinent to navigating short-term market volatility, as well as long-term structural changes.

Emerging Markets 2.0: New Investment Mindset Required (BlackRock)

Investing in EMs today requires a focus on differentiation, diversification, income as a source of potential return and a preference for quality assets.

Webinar Replay: Uncovering The Risks That Remain (PGIM)

In this webinar experts discuss critical topics such as the impact of banking stress, higher rates and economic uncertainty.

Equity Market Structure: How US Equity Markets Work and Why (SIFMA)

Key to delivering efficient, reliable, and low-cost markets is the underlying market structure. This in-depth report unveils the complex market structure.

Generative AI: Let's "Chat" About It (Rockefeller Capital Management)

There are four basic types of AI and each has a unique space in which it functions most effectively. Investors need to understand all four types of AI to use them properly.

Global Asset Management 2023 (BCG)

To get back to historical levels of profitable growth, asset managers will need to address their costs and revenues equally and thoroughly.

Has the Phillips Curve Become Steeper? (IMF)

The Phillips curve illustrates the trade-off between maintaining price stability and achieving full capacity utilisation. However, is this measure still relevant today?


Higher Risk-Adjusted Returns: New and Old Approaches (Robeco)

How can machine learning (ML) be effectively applied in finance? This Special Report aims to answer this timely question. Industry experts consider how machine learning compares to traditional techniques within the financial services sector.