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January's Most Thought-provoking Research

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  • 01 Feb 2023
  • Updated 15 Feb 2023

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Here is some of the content that stood out this month

Each month, the Savvy team picks some of the research that stands out in terms of its depth, originality and applicability, offering global investors the opportunity to sample great ideas for allocating capital or mitigating risk. Below you can find insights into the fate of Asian wealth, the evolution of stakeholder capitalism, emerging market equities, crypto assets and more.

Wealth Without Pensions in Asia (Allianz)

In most Asian countries the annual growth rates of insurance and pension assets in 2021 was below the ten-year annual compound growth rate.

The Asia Pacific Family Office Report (Campden Research)

Latest data shows that, in 2021, 45% of Asia-Pacific family offices outperformed their benchmarks. This report dives deep into the dynamics underlying this performance.

Bring on Bonds (Goldman Sachs AM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

This outlook paper examines the fixed income universe, amidst recent headwinds. Can credit investors hedge against growing uncertainty while also generating good returns?

Multi-Asset Quarterly: Global Strategy (NN IP)

Multi-asset investors continue to face considerable challenges when navigating the current market environment.

Emerging Market Small Cap: Good Things Come In… (Man Group)

Man Group makes the case for allocating capital to emerging market small-caps, for their diversification benefits and lower historical volatility when compared to large-caps.

The Perils and Questionable Promise of ESG-Based Compensation

This article provides a conceptual and empirical analysis of stakeholder capitalism, highlighting its limitations.

2023 Crypto Market Outlook (Coinbase Institutional)

This report by presents three key themes expected to prevail in 2023 in the crypto universe, as well as updates on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and regulatory changes.

U.S. Long-Term State Pension Performance Study: 21 Fiscal Years (CAIA)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United States

Looking forward, consultant 10-year return forecasts for diversified institutional pension portfolios average 5.38%, below the long-term trend.