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Investment Industry Topics: Nov 2021

Top White Papers on the Investment Industry

Willis Towers Watson's Thinking Ahead Institute presents their flagship report on the holdings of the top 500 asset managers throughout the world, representing over $119 trillion AUM. 

Other reports cover topics such as correlation studies or the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the asset management industry in this collection of papers relevant to the broader investment industry.

investment industry Nov 2021

The Next Era of Sales: AI-guided selling (Seismic, 2021)

Seismic explains how complexity has increased in the world of B2B selling and how AI-guided selling can help facilitate digital sales.

The World’s Largest 500 Asset Managers (Thinking Ahead Institute, 2021)

This annual report presents key findings as well as assets under management data from an annual examination of the 500 biggest asset managers.

AI and Machine Learning: Market Intermediaries and Asset Managers (IOSCO, 2021)

A report on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning by market intermediaries and asset managers – including how firms are using it, potential risks and responses, and regulatory considerations.

Investment Opportunities Across the Cloud Value Chain (Capital Group, 2021)

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Exploring investment areas in all three layers of the cloud value chain (enablers, solution providers and beneficiaries) to take advantage of what Capital Group believes could be the fourth industrial revolution.

Respecting Three Centuries of Correlation (MFS IM, Nov 2021)

The stock-bond correlation is an important consideration in portfolio construction. MFS IM look at the implications of a potential shift away from negative correlations on portfolio efficiency, diversification, and manager selection.

Vista: Rise of the African Institutional Investors (LCP, 2021)

This interactive offering covers Africa and emerging markets, retail investors, Govcoins, social investing, the new normal in real estate, asset-backed securities, and a deep-dive on inflation.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer: Value versus cost (Manulife IM, Oct 2021)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) providers have been increasingly popular in recent years. OCIOs can improve efficiency and enable cost savings, and bring value add. Picking the right provider is vital.

Diversity Intention Versus Action (Morgan Stanley IM, 2021)

This Morgan Stanley survey asked large U.S. asset owners about their approach to diversity when setting investment goals and hiring third-party managers. For some there is a perception that incorporating diversity comes at a cost.

Brain-Computer Interface: The investment thesis (Kearney, 2021)

Brain-computer interface (BCI) is an early stage technology, but could it be an investment worth making for the long-term? The appeal and potential size of the BCI market is appraised along with methods for getting into BCI investing.

Look Around the Corner: New tools for investors (Allspring GI, Nov 2021)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data have fast become key considerations for those in the asset management industry. Active managers in particular could benefit greatly from embracing these new technologies.

Scalable Customization in the Investment Management Industry (Accenture, 2021)

With customisation widely expected in many walks of life, the implications for the investment industry are a demand for customised portfolios and solutions. Investment managers will need the technology and processes to support this shift.