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Regulatory and Asset Management Trends

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  • 26 May 2023


Navigating ongoing industry change

Regulation is a vital part of the asset management world, although it is not the most dynamic aspect of it. However, even the "less interesting" facets of investing are not to be ignored: a solid asset allocation framework must account for the rules of the game. Below you can find a few excellent reports on the latest regulatory developments pertinent to the industry, as well as research on other forces driving structural changes within the asset management sector.


The State Of ESG In The US: An Apolitical Survey (Man Group)

To understand the ESG labyrinth in the U.S. it is necessary to have a solid overview of the relevant regulatory regimes governing ESG investing.

FS Regulatory Bulletin April 2023 (PwC)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United Kingdom

This excellent report offers a quick summary of some of the latest regulatory developments across UK financial markets.

Final Report: Guidelines on MiFID II Product Governance Requirements (ESMA)

The product governance requirements introduced by MiFID II have proven to be one of the most important elements of the MiFID II investor protection framework.

Sell Side Horizon Scanner 2023 (Clifford Chance)

The financial services industry currently faces unprecedented global regulatory change. This report provides in-depth insights into some of these key changes.

True Cost of Compliance 2023 | Report (Oxford Economics)

Based on a survey of 300 individuals from different sizes and types of institutions across the financial services sector, this report unveils the true cost of compliance.


Video: Asset Management Amid Long-term Inflation (State Street)

The stubborn inflation and high interest rates of the past couple of years have been challenging for asset managers. But these are not the only forces shaping the industry.

How Can Machine Learning Advance Quantitative Asset Management? (Robeco)

Technology is one of the most powerful factors driving structural changes within the asset management industry.

Six Ways Asset Managers Can Prepare for an Uncertain Future (EY)

Faced with disruption and falling profit margins, asset management firms must adapt. Deglobalization, decarbonization and demographics are key components they need to account for.