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Real Estate Investors and Macro Forces

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  • 11 Dec 2023

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How can real estate allocators navigate the new macro world?

This year has not been easy for real estate investors. The asset class has experienced plenty of volatility, at least according to the vicissitudes of the MSCI World Real Estate Index. This collection of insights focuses on the macro forces which have shaped the sector so far, and analyses on real estate opportunities and risks.


Predicting Financial Crises: Is It Possible? (State Street)

Financial crises are difficult to predict. However, these events often shape the macroeconomic landscape for years to come. The effort is worthwhile.

A Strategic Allocator’s Guide to Productivity and Profits (Fidelity Investments)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United States

The U.S. experienced some of the fastest earnings-per-share growth in the postwar era over the past decade, but it did so amid the slowest productivity gains in modern history.

History's Inflation Lessons (IMF)

This analysis looks at the history of inflation since the 1970s, highlighting important lessons for policymakers around the world.

Reports of AI Ending Human Labour May Be Greatly Exaggerated (ECB)

Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have revived the debate about the impact of new technologies on jobs. How much of this debate is hype?


Real Estate Whitepaper (Camradata)

Real Estate fundraising has plummeted this year, with only $66.8bn raised in H1 compared to $159.5bn for the same period in 2022. Will the sector see a revival in 2024?

Housing Affordability: A New Data Set (BIS)

Housing has increasingly become an issue across many economies, developed and developing alike. Find out the key reasons for this worrying development.

Japan Insights: Real Estate Markets (UBS AM)

Real estate investors often seek to understand the timing, pace and extent of any interest rate hikes. This paper addresses these concerns for real estate investors in Japan.

Office Space: The CRE Effects On Major U.S. Cities (PGIM Fixed Income)

Commercial real estate continues to face headwinds from multiple sources, including higher interest rates, weakening fundamentals, and tighter lending conditions.