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Q4 2023 Market Outlooks

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  • 16 Oct 2023

Q4 Outlooks

Navigating the tumultuous road ahead…

This selection of timely and applicable insights provides investors with crucial information about the direction of global economies and markets in the months ahead. As allocators look towards the end of 2023, what can they expect from various asset classes given the ongoing geopolitical tensions around the world and the higher-for-longer interest rate environment?

2023 Q4 Outlook (PGIM Quantitative Solutions)

What is the most likely scenario for allocators going into 2024? This paper argues that recession is not on the cards.

Equity Outlook: Vigilance Required (Robeco)

One of the key points of this report is that emerging markets continue to look appealing, as macroeconomics remain solid compared to developed markets.

Q4 2023 Outlook (PGIM Fixed Income)

Bond investors are facing an unprecedented environment. Here are the key developments allocators in this space should expect going forward.

Retirement Outlook: A National Perspective On Retirement Readiness (Vanguard)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Are Americans ready for retirement? Higher-income workers likely participate in a well-designed workplace plan, which brightens their retirement outlook.

Global Investment Outlook: A Broadening Opportunity Set (Franklin Templeton)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the EMEA region

As the fall chill starts to settle in, the question for investors is whether the investment climate will likewise begin to turn bleak.

Real Estate Outlook – Is This What A Soft Landing Looks Like? (MetLife IM)

The most important update in real estate capital market conditions over the past few months is early signals that transaction activity is thawing.

The Economy And Markets: Q4 2023 Outlook (Nuveen)

Looking ahead, markets are pricing in no additional U.S. rate hikes, plus cuts of more than 100 basis points in 2024. This could be a positive development for asset prices.

Why Oil Prices Could Rally 25% in Q4 (Real Vision)

Oil markets may face significant undersupply in Q4 this year. This can cause the global economy to slowdown, bring the risk of recession back on the agenda.

Q4 2023 Equity Market Outlook (UBS AM)

Equity valuations in the U.S. seem extended despite no earnings growth, while rest of world looks more supportive.

Leveraged Credit Mid-Year Market Review & 2023 Outlook (Polen Capital)

This report argues that the current environment of fixed income products provides fertile ground for active management to provide value to investors.


Guides to the Markets Q4 2023 (JP Morgan AM)

The latest Guides to Markets from JP Morgan, covering the entire global economy, provide investors with key information about the future path of markets.