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Private Equity: From Spotting to Securing and Exiting a Deal

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  • 14 Sep 2022

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Everything Investors Need to Know About the Complex World of PE

In some parts of the world, the private equity deal volume has slightly slowed as Limited Partners are re-thinking how certain risks may impact their investments. This selection of papers and podcasts helps investors to develop a well-rounded understanding of PE's long-term growth drivers. Please also check out the information about the With Intelligence event 'Women’s Private Equity Summit Europe' at the end of September.

The Race For Data: Private Equity Reboots Its Approach to Analytics (S&P Global)

In today's fast-changing world, data is becoming more central to the success of private equity firms in spotting and securing deals.

Podcast: Philipp Freise, Co-Head of European Private Equity at KKR (Money Maze)

KKR's Co-Head of European Private Equity speaks about the European market landscape, and where he sees challenges and opportunities for private equity allocations.

Private Equity Fund Valuation During Fundraising (Harvard Business School)

An investigation into whether and how PE fund managers inflate interim fund valuations during fundraisings. The author used a sample of European private firms and buyout funds.

Global Private Markets Fundraising Report (Pitchbook)

This study looks at the amount of dry powder (funds raised but yet to be allocated) across different private markets, including private credit, venture capital, and private equity.

Impact Investing and Private Equity (BNP Paribas AM)

Impact investing and private equity may sound like worlds apart, but BNP Paribas AM argues that impact investment strategies work particularly well in PE.

Podcast: Prof. Ludovic Phalippou on Private Equity (Rational Reminder Podcast)

Private equity is a broad term that requires a lot of analysis to unpack what really goes into making a deal, valuing it and exiting it. This is a deep look under the hood of PE funds.

Journal of Activity and Trends in Southern African Private Equity (SAVCA)

SAVCA's annual report on the dynamic private equity landscape of Southern Africa. It examines the trends underpinning this sector and what the future may hold for it.

European Venture Capital Landscape (Wilshire Associates)

Although much smaller than the U.S. venture capital industry, the European market offers investors plenty of interesting opportunities to explore.

With Intelligence Event

Women's Private Equity Summit Europe (London) 28-30 Sep

Over the past 15 years, the Women’s Private Equity Summit has positioned itself in North America as the most important annual gathering for senior women in PE. For September 2022, With Intelligence is bringing this leading-edge Summit to the UK.