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Portfolio Construction in Times of Uncertainty

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  • 14 Jul 2023
  • Updated 17 Jul 2023

portfolio construction

Times are changing, and so are investors' portfolios

There are many academic and industry studies that demonstrate the benefits of a well-diversified portfolio over time. However, what has worked for the past two decades, under a certain monetary policy regime, is now changing fast. Markets are entering a new era. As such, investors need to re-think their portfolio construction strategies.

Currency Issues for Institutional Investors (Millennium Global)

Institutional investors are increasing their exposures to foreign assets. As such, currency management becomes an integral part of the overall portfolio management process.

Actual Investing: The Test Of Time (Baillie Gifford)

When building a portfolio to last for the long term, a balance between different types of companies (e.g. growth, value) should be a goal to aim for.

Portable Alpha: Portfolio Capital at its Highest and Best Use (BlackRock)

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The objective of a portable alpha strategy is to generate returns in excess of a specific market index, while also providing some diversification.

Decoding Success: The Power Of Security Selection (Franklin Templeton)

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Given the volatile macroeconomic backdrop, managers need to select their assets carefully. This is especially true for those looking to allocate to fixed income markets.

Changing demand dynamics: Opportunities for European Insurers (M&G Investments)

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The portfolios of European insurance companies are changing rapidly in order to take advantage of changes in the UK DB pensions market.

Factor Diversification- Upside Potential at Lower Risk (Robeco)

The power of diversification applies across multiple asset classes as well as individual securities, just as i does in diversifying among different industries or geographical regions.

The Road Ahead: Of Rocks And Hard Places (Man Group)

The current crossroads for equities and bonds is not that extreme, but change is coming. What will the fate of the 60/40 portfolio be in this new world?

The Building Blocks For Better Retirement Portfolios (PGIM)

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Building better portfolios for retirement has become a priority across most economies. This paper looks at the optimal DC portfolio for the future.

The Spectacular Past and Concerning Future of the 60/40 Portfolio (CAIA blog)

Looking at past data, in addition to an attractive return, the 60/40 portfolio has delivered relatively low risk. Does the 60/40 still have the same appeal among investors today?