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Economic, Market and Strategy Outlooks

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  • 21 Nov 2022
  • Updated 22 Nov 2022


What does the future hold in the short- and long-term?

As asset managers assess how 2022 has changed their capital allocation approaches, they are also looking at the months and year ahead. What will the future bring to the global economy and markets? Will volatility subside? Is the tightening monetary policy cycle going to end sooner rather than later? These are some of the key questions addressed in the pieces below.

2023 Bond Market Outlook (Wellington Management)

Bond markets in 2022 have been shaken by waves of volatility caused by tighter monetary policy. Can investors expect a return to a more accommodative environment in 2023?

Q4 2022 Global Outlook from BII (BlackRock)

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Global markets have moved up and down according to the tone of central bank policy. The final part of 2022 may see much of the same volatility.

Fixed Income Multi-Sector Asset Allocation Outlook Q4 2022 (Invesco)

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Invesco provides its outlook on different fixed income sectors against a changing macroeconomic backdrop. These include HY, MBS and Muni Bonds, among others.

Taxable Municipal Bonds: Signs of An Inflection Point (Nuveen)

In a tightening monetary policy environment, long-term taxable municipal valuations are attractive relative to similarly rated corporate debt.

2023-2024 Public & Private Credit Markets Outlook (Marathon Asset Management)

Credit markets this year have seen one of the most anomalous periods since the advent of high yield bonds in the 1980s. What can investors expect going forward?

Video: Growth, Inflation and Policy Considerations - Q4 2022 Outlook (MFS)

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Higher inflation, tighter monetary policy and the risk of economic recession are all closely linked. The macroeconomic setup is poised towards more volatility in the months ahead.

Triggers, Outlook and What Next For Central Banks (Capital Group)

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Recession risk has risen across the world. However, economic downturns are notoriously difficult to predict. What does this mean for central bankers?

Podcast: Crude Oil Outlook & SPR Discourse (Macro Voices)

Energy markets' dislocations have been one of the major sources of uncertainty this year. Whatever happens with gas and oil prices impacts the broader market and economy.

World Energy Outlook (IEA)

This in-depth report provides a detailed outlook for global energy markets for the year ahead while examining key events that unfolded in 2022.

Outlook On the United States (Lazard AM)

The U.S. remains in the midst of growing macro and market volatility. The Federal Reserve will likely continue its crusade against inflation into 2023.


Private Markets: Evolution and opportunity (Special Report)

Private markets have attracted large sums of capital. Investors seeking protection from volatility without sacrificing long-term green objectives should watch this space.