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New Technologies and Asset Management

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  • 18 Dec 2023


The transformation of investing is under way

Artificial Intelligence is here, but how will it shape the asset management business? What implications does AI hold for the daily operations of institutional investors, and what changes will it bring to the investment process? Is AI the sole new technology investors should focus on? Explore these questions and more in this selection of thought-provoking insights on new technologies and how they interact with the world of asset management.

AI - The Great Wave of Opportunities and Risks (Jennison Associates)

AI heralds a technological transformation that will be unprecedented. This transformation will shape the face of asset management forever.

Outsourced Trading as a Strategic Advantage (State Street)

Trust, reputation and technology integration are priorities for institutional investors when choosing a technology partner.

A New Era For Hedge Funds: Using AI To Uncover Hidden Factors (Qontigo)

New technologies can help hedge funds better identify which factors contribute the most to their investment returns. Here is how.

Podcast: Can Next-Gen Quant Unlock Alpha? (Robeco)

This podcast explores the potential of next-generation quant funds to deliver alpha against the backdrop of novel technologies currently changing the world of investing.

An Investor’s Guide to Deep Tech (BCG)

Deep technologies are the technologies of the future—the solutions to major global challenges, such as climate change, food shortages, and disease.

Bigger is Better: Blockchains as Network Technologies (Grayscale)

The number of active users of public blockchains today is still very low compared to mainstream internet applications. But this will change soon.

Scaling Technologies for Greening Heavy Industry (BloombergNEF)

Policymakers must create enabling environments to accelerate the commercialization of key emerging technologies for the industrial transition.

Technology Spillover Impacts Stock Returns (Alpha Architect)

Technology is not only a positive force for asset managers themselves, but also for the broader stock market. This study shows the relationship between R&D and equity returns.

How Might AI Impact Investment Management? (Refinitiv)

Artificial Intelligence is here. But how long will it take for investors to adopt it? How will it actually shape the process of asset allocation and the business of investing?