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Macro Forces in Focus

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  • 15 Mar 2023
  • Updated 17 Mar 2023


Volatility, market trends, global wealth and more…

With the current fast-changing macroeconomic environment, monitoring all the relevant forces that affect your portfolio can be difficult. This collection of timely insights offers allocators practical perspectives on the correlation of asset prices, thematic investing, economic developments, volatility trends and much more. All these nuggets of information are different pieces to the "big picture" macro puzzle of risks and opportunities.

The Wealth Report 2023 (Knight Frank)

Despite the challenges still facing many markets, in this year’s report Knight Frank argue that now is the time to look beyond the crisis.

How Much More Volatility Can Your Portfolio Take? (Intech)

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A key finding is that to address short-term volatility events, traditional equity risk management techniques often require higher trading frequency.

Fusion Ignition And Its Impact Implications (PGIM Fixed Income)

Fusion is effectively the reverse process to fission—instead of splitting a nucleus, the nuclei of two or more atoms are combined.

Financing Transition: Energy Supply Investment & Bank Financing (BloombergNEF)

The findings of this report shine a light on an area that has caused tension between key partners in the energy transition.

Finding Value In Distressed Assets (PIMCO)

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As the stress cycle continues and traditional liquidity channels continue to dry up, real estate owners with upcoming loan maturities will turn to alternative lenders.

Podcast: Is The 60/40 Portfolio Dead? (Mawer IM)

When investors look at the price correlation between bonds and equities, can they conclude that the 60/40 portfolio is dead in the current macro environment?

External Wealth of Nations and Systemic Risk (Swiss Finance Institute)

This report examines how banks can reduce their exposure to systemic risk, using a large sample of 450 banks located in 46 advanced, developing and emerging countries.

The Top 5 Trends To Monitor Going Forward (Fidelity Investments)

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A key question hovering over these trends is the degree to which disinflation occurs in services industries, where inflation tends to be more persistent.

Investing in Water Infrastructure (MetLife IM)

When investing in water infrastructure, capital planning, like in most investments will require an understanding of the final asset.