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Top Recent Content on the Investment Industry

Below we present some of the top recent papers on a variety of investment industry topics, including the adoption of innovative strategies in the front office, the management of digital assets, and machine learning.

Also be sure to check out Charles Skorina's update on the OCIO market, and the annual study we've included on risk-free rates and market risk premiums utilised by global investment firms. 

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Swipe Right for Innovative Alpha: Q&A session (SimCorp, Aug 2021)

This article examines the overlooked opportunity of combining standardisation and innovation within the buy-side front office.

Video: Addressing ESG data demands in the private markets (State Street, 2021)

In this roundtable podcast discussion, industry experts explore ESG data demands on behalf of investors and regulatory reporting standards for ESG investments.

Video: Boosting Board Diversity – New rules (Wellington Management, Aug 2021)

Wellington Management explains new SEC regulations on board diversity that is set to impact over 3,000 public companies.

Digital Asset Infrastructure – Custody (S&P Dow Jones Indices, Aug 2021)

From a custodial perspective, how capable are financial institutions of processing, trading, and holding digital assets?

Digital Assets: Impact for Financial Institutions (Oliver Wyman, 2021)

Oliver Wyman looks at the rise of digital assets and how institutions such as banks, insurance companies, and fund managers can benefit from commercial opportunities related to digital assets.

Machine Learning for Investment Management (Investments & Wealth Institute, 2021)

This 7-page paper serves as a primer on how the investment management industry can apply AI/machine learning techniques to the management of investment portfolios.

The Time for Quality Stocks is Nigh (WisdomTree Investments, Aug 2021)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the UK & Europe

Will the quality factor be revived midway through the cycle? WisdomTree Investments looks at the likelihood that quality stocks will have their day in this brief article.

Market Risk Premiums and Risk-Free Rates (IESE Business School, 2021)

This paper presents the results of a survey conducted on the Risk-Free Rate and the Market Risk Premium used for 88 countries in 2021.

Bias in the Effective Bid-Ask Spread (Journal of Financial Economics, 2021)

This academic paper from the Journal of Financial Economics examines biases within the bid-ask spread and discusses the implications of these biases for investors.

The OCIO Express: There's no stopping this train (Charles Skorina, 2021)

Charles Skorina reviews the outsourced chief investment officer market as of Q1 2021. This report covers over 100 firms with a combined $3.27 trillion in AUM.

Advisor Trends and Fee Compression (Investments & Wealth Institute, 2021)

How has the trend towards fee compression impacted the U.S. advisory market, and what is the current state of fee structures?