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Investment Content Quarterly: Q4 2021 (Savvy Investor)

Investment Content Quarterly: A Special Report for investment marketers

Savvy Investor's latest Investment Content Quarterly (ICQ) for Q4 2021, provides unique insights and market intelligence viewpoints, derived from our own data and observations. Designed to help investment marketers better understand content trends and assist them in developing their content strategy, this report includes a list of the Top 100 white papers from the Savvy Investor platform and a granular analysis of views and topic popularity.

Click to download: Investment Content Quarterly: Q4 2021 (Savvy Investor)

Key Takeaways:

  • The investment industry awaited the outcome of the November 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), a strong thematic impact that's ever increasing its prominence.
  • Due to recent concerns over the impact of inflationary pressures on global market bond markets, debt and credit outlook overtook our usually popular strategic outlook as a top 'topic'.
  • Not new to the list, but very topical of late, were papers on emerging markets, Chinese regulatory pressure, and the cause and effects raised over the fallout from property developer Evergrande.
  • Due to the recent shifts in investor sentiment, quantitative content saw a slight increase in engagement, as interests flooded more towards alpha trading strategies, risk and portfolio construction, and performance analysis, to better hedge against recent global market volatility.
ICQ Q4 2021