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Investment Content Quarterly: Q4 2020 (Savvy Investor)

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  • 03 Nov 2020
  • Updated 01 Feb 2021

Investment Content Quarterly: A Special Report for Institutional Marketers

Is your institutional marketing team curious about investment content trends? Perhaps you're wondering what topics have piqued the interest of institutional readers over the past quarter? If only there was a free resource from a trusted source that would provide an abundance of useful (even mineable) data on subjects such as these...

Well, you're in luck! Savvy Investor's Investment Content Quarterly report contains mountains of data on investment white papers featured on the Savvy Investor platform over the previous quarter. From a list of the top 100 pieces of content in Q3 to a more granular analysis of views and topic popularity, this content report is a marketing team's dream come true. See for yourself.

Click to download: Investment Content Quarterly: Q4 2020 (Savvy Investor)

Key Takeaways

  • Content on ‘Endowment Investing’ received high levels of engagement throughout the quarter
  • Content on the topics of ‘ESG & Ethical Investing’ and ‘Factor Investing’ in the Top 100 Papers decreased this quarter – despite these continuing to be some of the most engaged with topics overall
  • Topics aimed at specific asset owners continue to perform well as very few papers on these topics are written, so engagement tends to be higher than average 
  • North American investors appear to have increased their interest in the ‘ESG & Ethical Investing’ topic, with 44% of members now following this topic versus 35% in Q1 
Savvy Investor Investment Content Quarterly

Investment Content Quarterly: Q4 2020 (Savvy Investor)

Savvy Investor's Investment Content Quarterly report highlights the top performing white papers over the course of Q3 2020, as well as critical insights into topic popularity, white paper volume, and view distribution across geographies and roles.