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Investment Content Quarterly: Q3 2022 (Savvy Investor)

Investment Content Quarterly: A Special Report for investment marketers

Savvy Investor's latest Investment Content Quarterly (ICQ) for Q3 2022 provides unique insights and market intelligence viewpoints, derived from our own data and observations. Designed to help investment marketers better understand content trends and assist them in developing their content strategy, this report includes a list of the Top 100 white papers from the Savvy Investor platform and a granular analysis of views and topic popularity.

Click to download: Investment Content Quarterly: Q3 2022 (Savvy Investor)

Key Takeaways:

  • Continuing high inflation, central banks starting to clamp down on it, and rising commodity prices due to Russia’s war on Ukraine created a perfect storm, with bond prices falling and investor concerns spilling over into equity markets. In this macro environment, investors sought guidance in thought leadership on the topics of the Global Economic Outlook, Asset Allocation, Global Strategy Outlook, and Risk and Portfolio Construction. These topics appeared most frequently in Savvy Investor’s list of Top 100 papers for the second quarter.
  • Four Savvy Investor Special Reports were featured in The Top 100 list for this quarter, all placing in the top 10. This includes the most popular paper of the quarter, ‘ESG Data: Philosophy and practice’, which generated 1,402 views. Baillie Gifford’s ‘The Long View: Investing in the future’ and S&P Dow Jones Indices’ ‘ETFs in Insurance General Accounts – 2022’ were close second and third.
  • Although an ESG paper took over the top spot, ESG content actually fell in popularity, both on our Top 100 list and in terms of overall content production. Also notable within the Top 100 list was a decline in papers on alternative asset classes and in the specific topic of Debt and Credit Outlook.
  • New on this list were four papers on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, including two that garnered almost 700 views in the second quarter. Crypto and blockchain-oriented content appear to be slowly gaining ground.