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Investment Content Quarterly: Q1 2022 (Savvy Investor)

Investment Content Quarterly: A Special Report for investment marketers

Savvy Investor's latest Investment Content Quarterly (ICQ) for Q1 2022 provides unique insights and market intelligence viewpoints, derived from our own data and observations. Designed to help investment marketers better understand content trends and assist them in developing their content strategy, this report includes a list of the Top 100 white papers from the Savvy Investor platform and a granular analysis of views and topic popularity.

Click to download: Investment Content Quarterly: Q1 2022 (Savvy Investor)

Key Takeaways:

  • Many expect emerging markets to become a significant source of returns again in 2022, the energy transition to go into a higher gear and ESG considerations to shape more and more portfolios and investment strategies.
  • Q4 2021 saw the global economic outlook topic getting the most coverage by content authors within our Top 100 Q4 2021 list, followed closely by ESG, thanks to the ever-growing significance of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) summits, held last November.
  • The most popular paper of the quarter was another Special Report on ‘Strategic Asset Allocation: Beyond mean and variance’. In fact, the top three papers were all Special Reports, each generating over 1,900 views. (For further details about our Special Report schedule and information about sponsoring a report of your own, see page 21).
  • Alternative assets remained a popular topic category in 2021. There were nine private markets (private equity and private debt) papers in the Top 100 list. Four additional papers were written on bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, or the tokenisation of alternative assets. Could this represent a turning point in the institutionalisation of cryptoassets?
ICQ Q 2022